Shoe Care

antimicrobial protectantAntimicrobial Protectant

100% natural, safe antimicrobial shoe spray.


- Naturally eliminates 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria
- Proven antimicrobial performance
- Powerful anti-odor properties
- Unlimited shelf life

leather conditionerLeather Conditioner

Natural conditioner and protectant that polishes and rejuvenates leather.


- Softens and protects leather
- Replenishes color and natural oils
- Cleans and conditions

stain shieldStain Shield

Protective spray that repels liquids, blocks stains, and prepares shoes for any of the elements. 


- Protection and repellency from  water, oil, many household products, food and most beverages                      - Approved for leather, suede, mesh, fabric and canvas shoes                                                                                - Simple, one-step application